About the Director & Secretary of Macbeth Drama

Sri Pankaj Chetia, the director & producer of plays, has been associated with `Rangamancha' since his early school days. `Macbeth Drama' took its birth in the year 1994 as a result of his sincere and concentrated effort towards the art of playwriting and stage performance. Since the very inception of Macbeth Drama he has been working as the Hony. Director of it and has continued his experimental study on folk culture of Assam, particularly the folk song, dance, myth, folk lore and folk drama of the plain tribes of Assam. His effort is on in his extensive study on the tradition and culture of different plain tribes of Assam such as the Misings, the Kacharis, the Tiwas, the Deories and the Lalungs.
he is trying to collect the elements of folk dramas of those ethnic groups as well as to apply them in modern theatrical performances on experimental basis. He has already made a series of stage shows in many stages of Assam. Apart from these, he participated in residential `Naat Kar-mashala' organized by Natiielial School of Drama, New Delhi, which was a part of its extension work program. He has worked with C. AO-- Basuwalingawa, the dire-tor of `Rangayana Repertoire' of Mysore. 'Moreover he hasshown his theatrical performances on the stage of r • • l N.S.D., New Delhi. He is primarily associated with playwriting and direction. Some of his noteworthy plays as are - ' Tejimala', `Saat henehi Bhani', `Gaonloi Jaaon', ' Swaadhi- nataa', `Miri wari', `Ruddhra Prabahini', `Abutunturung the legend', ' Syukapha', etc.