Synopsis of Ruddha Prabahinee

Each and every elements of the nature is very closely attached with human life. For example a river touches all aspects of the life of riverside dwellers and nurturs them as its own child. The drama "Rudha Prabahinee" is about the vigorous intimacy of river and humanity. In the play the king challenged this bond between man and nature and tries to stop the spontaneous flow of the river. Following the prophesy of a priest, the king goes against the spontaneity and fails miserably and perishes. Nature continues as per its wishes.

Caste and Credit of Budhra Prabahinee:

On-stage :Protibha Dihingia, Santush Buragohain, Debajyoti Mili, Titu Phukan Manj it Boragohain, Udipta Borpatra Gohain, Deiji Lalung Jitu Sonowal and Anuj Daflari

Off-Stage :
Direction & Script : Pankaj Chetia
Misic Arranger : Pratap Sharma
Music : Debajyoti Mili, Birason Doley, Girin Sarmah, Meena Narah
Make-up : Bulen Borgohain
Settings : Anuj & Bulen
Costume : Debajyoti Mili, Tulan Narah Group
Leader : Debajyoti Mili