Introduction of Macbeth Drama

The Macbeth Drama, Dhemaji, a Socio-Cultural Society, established in 1994 and registered under the Assam Societies Regis-tration Act, 1860, (registration no. RS/DMJ/A/15 of 2004-2005), is a professional theatre group located at Ratanpur village, P.O. Dhemaji, Dist. Dhemaji, Assam-787057, with a firm objective of the promotion, propagation and preservation of Cultural Heritage of the country at large and promotion and enhancement of Theatre Movement in the region in particular. It is an Assamese theatre group actively engaged in making theatre of contemporary meaning using tribalism as a spring board. Since 1994 the theatre group has been working seriously under the guidance of committed, energetic and qualified Director Pankaj Chetia, who was trained under various eminent Director and Scholars including Shri C. Basubalingowa, Sanget Natak Academy winner Rabijita Gogoi, Rafikul Hussain, Sukracharjya Rabha etc.Macbeth Drama a permanent work place maintained by the group, where a band of 20 artists (4 female and 16 Male) along with designers and other art collaborators are working fulltime to create a language of theatre which is absolutely indigenous and rooted in tra-dition.

Attempts have been made on re-interpretation of the essence of Indian theatre by using multi-dimension and media of expressions blended with contemporary relevant issues towards more under-standing of social reality. We are going deeper in re-defining the idea of theatre in concept, expecting a systematic, composite and total character of theatre.

The Society has made a commendable contribution towards the development of Assamese culture during the last 18 years. It has