Profile of Macbeth Drama

The Macbeth Drama (A Socio- Cultural Society), was established in 1994 at Ratanpur village P.O.-Dhemaji, P.S. and Dist.-Dhemaji, Assam and became a registered body in the year 2004 (Regd. No RS/DMJ/A/15 of 2004-2005) under the Assam societies Registration Act XXI of with a firm objective for promoting, propagating, and preservation of cultural heritage in the country at large and promotion and enhancement of theatre movement in the country in particular. Since its inception the theatre Group has been working actively and seriously under the guidance of Pankaj Chetia one of the most distinguished theatre workers, with 20 young and energetic artists of the group. It is the only organisation that uses Mising, Deori, Tiwa, Sonowal Kachari elements in making theatre of contemporary meaning using tribal-ism as a spring board. The group has a firm objective to promote, propagate, and preserve the indigenous cultural heritage in the country at large and enhances and conserves the cultural heritage of plain tribes of Upper Assam. since its inception the group has been running actively anci working seriously under the artistic leadership of Pankaj Chetia.

The group has constructed and is maintaining a permanent workplace named Naisargik Nathyakshetra in a remote village called Bhehpara. The workplace contains boys and girls dormitory, office, training ground and a ---- small open air auditorium. The artistes stay in the Nathyakshetra round the year, spend their time in practising the traditional movements leading them to become fully aware of the world without, the body and the soul within, and in training related research works. Macbeth Drama is conceptualized as performing laboratory where different cultures of the region interact, blend and assimilate in search of a new performative language. Nowadays not only from the North East of India, but artists and cultural activists from other parts of the country as well as abroad come, interact and learn at Macbeth Drama, Dhemaji. So far the group has produced 30 plays and performed extensively throughout the country. The group also has taken part and performed in various festivals organized by Asom Nathya Sanmilon, Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra Society, under Sal Tree Festival 2011 organized by Badung-duppa Kalakendra, Rampur, Guwalpara in aid of India Foundation for the Arts, Bengeluru. Apart from this the group is organized a 45 days Intentsive Theatre Workshop which is a extensive work programme of "National School of Drama", New Delhi and also regularly organized various work-, shops, training programme, lecture series for young people of the area.