Our Theatre Activities

The aims and objects of the society are cultural and are directed towards maintenance and development of performing in general and the theatrical movement in particulars.The society shall strive towards the attainment of the following objectives.

  • To bring the trend setting theatres and theatrical achievement from various parts of world to Assam
  • To carry out theatrical achievements of Assam to the audience outside of the Assam
  • To establish a theatre school to train and develop actors and actresses and professionals in all branch of theatre.
  • To run a mobile self complete repertory theatre troupe which will propagate the achievements and experiments of the “Society” to various part of Assam.
  • To run intensive children theatre workshop.
  • To continue research on the theatre through a fledged research center which will include a library.
  • To conduct seminars wherein ideas will be exchanged with renowned theatre personalities on regular basis.
  • To publish books, periodicals, pamphlets etc. in keeping with the aims and objectives of “Society”.
  • To do or cause to be done all such lawful activities which are conductive to the attainment of the objectives as here above mentioned.